Dr. Bronner’s soaps and balms have long been prized for tattoo aftercare by tattoo artists because of their effectiveness as cleansers and moisturizers, while still being gentle on sensitive skin... A tattoo is essentially a wound—tattoo guns use fast-moving needles to inject ink deep into the skin. Making sure your tattoo is properly cared for in the first few weeks is the key to preventing infection and keeping a tattoo looking great for the long term. 
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When it comes to smoothing and styling, Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Organic Magic Balm makes for a fantastic beard balm. It moisturizes the skin, eliminates itchiness, softens coarse beards, tames unruly beards, styles limp beards. And because it’s unscented, it won’t interfere with any other scent you might want to wear.
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For Baby

    • Help prevent diaper rash
    • Help soothe irritated red crease lines under arms and behind knees

For Everyone

    • Moisturize dry or chafed skin, cuticles, chapped lips, heels, elbows
    • Heal recent tattoos...
    • Define or taper unruly eyebrows
    • Style beard or mustache
    • Use as a daily or nightly eye cream
    • Apply a tiny amount to hair to help tame flyaways—a little goes a long way!
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The Pure-Castile really is powerful enough to cut through dried liquid foundation crud, but still gentle enough not to cause the bristles to fall out. Clean brushes work so much better and give peace of mind that I’m not layering my face with unknown bacteria.
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If there’s one important thing to remember about washing your hair with Dr. Bronner’s, it’s that you need to follow up with an acidic conditioning rinse. We recommend our Organic Conditioning Rinse, which is specially formulated for this purpose and uses a base of organic lemon juice—but you can also use diluted apple cider vinegar in a pinch.
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