5 Reasons to Read Soap & Soul by Lisa Bronner

For well over a decade, Lisa Bronner (granddaughter of Dr. Bronner) has been listening to customers’ frequently asked questions about how to live a low-tox life, how to discern labels in the home and body care aisles, and much more. In Soap & Soul, Lisa breaks down everything you need to know about Dr. Bronner’s products, green living, and using non-toxic cleaners to simplify your body and home care routines. While sharing the science behind green living, Lisa also takes you on the personal journeys that led to her practical discoveries.

Soap & Soul, A Practical Guide to Minding Your Body, Your Home, and Your Spirt with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps is available now in hardback, eBook, and audiobook. Here are five enriching reasons to dive in!

1. It’s Your Ultimate Companion to Using Dr. Bronner’s Products

Soap & Soul is your ultimate companion guide to making the most of Dr. Bronner’s line of products for all your body and home care needs. This book is teeming with recipes and invaluable tips that will transform your daily routine into a simple, eco-friendly experience. You’ll learn the best uses of each Dr. Bronner’s product, when and why to employ them, and the significance of their certifications. Soap & Soul also dissects the ingredients within Dr. Bronner’s products, shedding light on their functions and the unparalleled quality that makes them an essential choice for conscientious consumers.

2. It Will Show You the Science of Non-Toxic Cleaning in an Easy-to-Understand Way

A topic discussed at length on her blog, Going Green with Lisa Bronner, Soap & Soul gets into the nitty gritty science of clean cleaning. From showing you the fundamentals of how soap works on a molecular level to why you should never combine vinegar and soap, Lisa breaks down the chemistry in a fun, engaging way that is sure to spark new ideas in your green cleaning journey. You’ll also learn new, cost-effective hacks with everyday items like baking soda, essential oils, salt, and more.

3. It’s a Book You Can Curl Up and Read and Keep Close by As a Resource

Soap & Soul is unique in that it’s the type of book you can enjoy on a cozy afternoon on the couch and use as a practical reference while experimenting with a new green cleaning method. On the personal side, Lisa divulges her ties to the Bronner family legacy, sharing a compelling account of her personal evolution in using her family’s products. Lisa also dives into the five generations of the Bronner family of soapmakers, each contributing their distinctive mark to the company’s enduring legacy. Even during the sections with practical applications, Lisa engages with heartwarming personal anecdotes from her home that bring a touch of authenticity to her storytelling.

4. It Will Empower You to Make the Switch to a Greener Lifestyle

Soap & Soul is not merely a book; it’s a manual for:

  • Making your own safe, eco-friendly products, from soft scrubs to body scrubs, countertop sprays to housecleaning wipes,
  • Equipping you with the essential knowledge and practical skills to navigate the labyrinth of good and bad home and body care products, unraveling the “secret language” of hazardous ingredients concealed within conventional products,
  • Substituting unsafe products with ones that prioritize safety, and
  • Advising on how to engage your partner in this journey towards greener living.

At the end, Soap & Soul will leave you with the empowering declaration: “I can do this,” instilling the confidence to embark on your own conscious, green-living path.

5. It’s Chock Full of Great Tips for Creating a Simpler Life

Soap & Soul delves into the connection between your daily schedule, the influential voices in your life, and many other factors that shape your holistic well-being. It serves as an insightful guide to simplifying your self-care routine by using fewer products and demonstrates the compelling reasons behind this choice. By the end, readers will not only have a better grasp of holistic well-being but also a newfound appreciation for the power of simplicity in their daily routines.

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