Since 2005, Dr. Bronner’s has shifted supplies of the vast majority of its main raw materials—coconut, palm, olive, mint oils—to organic and fair trade sources. Now, we are supporting our partners in their move to regenerative organic agriculture. One example is Pavitramenthe, our partners in Bareilly, India, some 170 miles east of Delhi. Pavitramenthe supplies Dr. Bronner’s with organic and fair trade mint oil. 
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Working together with Rodale Institute, Patagonia, and several other non-profits, businesses and activists, we have developed a standard for Regenerative Organic Certification that farmers and producers can now use to certify their products as regenerative organic...The Regenerative Organic Certification standards as developed include these three pillars: Soil Health and Land Management, Animal Welfare, and Farmer and Worker Fairness.
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For Baby

    • Help prevent diaper rash
    • Help soothe irritated red crease lines under arms and behind knees

For Everyone

    • Moisturize dry or chafed skin, cuticles, chapped lips, heels, elbows
    • Heal recent tattoos...
    • Define or taper unruly eyebrows
    • Style beard or mustache
    • Use as a daily or nightly eye cream
    • Apply a tiny amount to hair to help tame flyaways—a little goes a long way!
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Today is the day you put together your Green Cleaning Starter Kit. The kit is so simple that you’ll need to trust me that it will indeed clean your house.  Trust it.  No side effects.  No funny business.  No fancy gimmicks.  Just clean.

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