End cannabis prohibition! 
Reform failed drug policy!

The U.S. government is the only major industrialized nation to prohibit domestic hemp cultivation. The same failed drug policy that has vilified marijuana has also denied American agriculture the benefit of one of the earth’s most versatile and sustainable crops. Hemp requires little in the way of herbicides or insecticides, and lends itself well to organic farming systems. Grown in rotation with corn and soy, it aerates soil and controls weed and pest pressure. Hemp fiber can replace virgin timber pulp in paper, glass fibers in construction and automotive composites, and pesticide-intensive cotton in textiles. And hemp is an excellent ingredient in body care: high in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, hemp oil helps make our soap lather smoother and less drying and adds superb moisturizing properties to our lotions and balms. Dr. Bronner’s is a big supporter of Vote Hemp and the Hemp Industry Association’s legal, media, grassroots, and lobbying efforts to re-commercialize industrial hemp.

We also believe that marijuana should be legal, for both medical and recreational use. Many responsible adults use cannabis safely as medicine to manage and treat illness and disease, in place of much more addictive and harmful opiates and other pharmaceuticals. As well many adults responsibly and safely elevate their consciousness and appreciation for life, or find meditative spaces after a long day’s work, instead of drinking much more problematic alcohol.