Supporting Surfers for Climate in February and March

Every two months Dr. Bronner's chooses an organisation we align with to donate proceeds from the first 100 sales of our Deluxe Sample Packs. In February and March, we are proud to support Surfers for Climate.

Surfers for Climate is an Australian based registered charity dedicated to turning the tide on climate change. Their mission is to empower and mobilise a sea-roots movement for positive climate action. 

The core values they live and breathe are:

  • Bold Inclusion - We welcome surfers and ocean lovers of all abilities, from all identities, backgrounds and beliefs.
  • Thoughtful Larrikins - We channel the spirit of surfing’s counterculture roots.
  • Recognise the ‘True Locals’ - We honour and learn from First Nations connection to country and culture.
  • Collaboration and Connection - We work with like-minded communities, businesses and organisations to make change happen.
  • Respect - We look after the Earth, the ocean and each other, always.

Their goals are:

  1. TO MOBILISE AND EMPOWER AN ALLIANCE OF SURFERS TO CARE ABOUT CLIMATE. We are building a large and powerful movement - surfers of all levels of abilities and crafts, surfing organisations, surfing peak bodies, surf industry, boardrider associations and surf clubs - that see the risk that climate breakdown poses to oceans and surfing, and are motivated to act.
  2. TO HELP THE SURFING COMMUNITY PLAY A POWERFUL ROLE IN STOPPING COASTAL AND OFFSHORE FOSSIL FUEL DEVELOPMENTS. We will fight to prevent new coastal and offshore fossil fuel developments with surfers playing key roles in these campaigns.
  3. TO TAKE ACTION ON IMPLEMENTING CLIMATE SOLUTIONS. Climate solutions already exist in the surfing community - carbon neutral surf tournaments, solar on surf clubs, surf brands reporting on sustainability measures, supporting mangrove/seaweed restoration, other ‘blue carbon’ projects - but we can pull off even more!
  4. TO MAKE MPS REPRESENTING SURFING COMMUNITIES TAKE ACTION ON CLIMATE. Surfing communities have real political power. We’ll help them use their influence to convince their politicians to champion climate action.

Click here to purchase a Deluxe Sample Pack to support Surfers for Climate.

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