What Can You Mix with Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds?

Someday I’m going to make myself a set of t-shirts that say, “Chemistry happens!” I say it a lot and think it even more. Chemistry is all around us, and I’m not talking about the romantic kind. Cooking is chemistry, housecleaning is chemistry, body care is chemistry. The trick is to make sure the chemistry is happening in your favor.  

There is a category of customer questions I receive that I call “the mixers.” The question starts, “Is it ok to mix Sal Suds with…” I have learned a lot myself over the years doing the research in answering these questions and have engaged chemists to help me understand what is going on at the molecular level. I send a huge thanks to my colleagues Laura Aung and Ivan Villalobos in Dr. Bronner’s Research and Development team for their patience in answering all my many mixer questions.  

My post on Castile mix-ins that I wrote in 2018 is still one of my most visited and most commented on. I am finally able to provide a comparable chart for Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner, or “Sal Suds” for short.

What is Sal Suds

Sal Suds, our biodegradable household cleaner developed by my dad Jim, is my go-to product for cleaning my house. I clean everything with it. Dishes, laundry, floors, bathrooms, pre-stain laundry treatment. I always travel with a 2 oz. bottle of it, and I always need it for something. For its multitude of uses, see the Sal Suds Dilution Cheat Sheet.

In almost every situation, Sal Suds works great all by itself. However, it is not uncommon for people to want to add things to it. Are they being creative? Do they think they’re improving it? Are they just having fun? Maybe some of each!

Sometimes it is ok to mix things into Sal Suds, and sometimes it is not. Please refer to this chart of various substances I’ve been asked about over the years by readers:  

So as I said, chemistry happens. If you have another substance you’d like to know if you can mix into Sal Suds, please ask me in the comments. I hope chemistry always happens in your favor.

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