Supporting Sisters Inside in December and January

Every two months Dr. Bronner's chooses an organisation we align with to donate proceeds from the first 100 sales of our Deluxe Sample Packs. In December and January, we are proud to support Sisters Inside.

Sisters Inside champions the collective human rights of women and girls in prison, giving them power over their own lives. Since 1992, they've advocated on behalf of nearly 400 women with governments and within the legal system to try to achieve fairer outcomes for criminalised women, girls and their children.

Sisters Inside believes that no one is better than anyone else. People are neither “good” nor “bad” – our environment and life circumstances play a major role in how we behave. In line with these values, Sisters Inside supports criminalised women and girls both inside and outside prison, helping them and their children to develop a safe, secure, violence-free life.

Click here to purchase a Deluxe Sample Pack to support Sisters Inside!

Cover image by April Pethybridge

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