Supporting Sea Shepherd in June and July

Every two months Dr. Bronner's chooses an organisation we align with to donate proceeds from the first 100 sales of our Deluxe Sample Packs. In June and July, we are proud to support Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd is a direct-action marine conservation organisation, focused on protecting our precious ocean and the marine life who call it home. Our ocean is facing four key threats: illegal fishing, climate change, marine plastics and threats to vulnerable and endangered species. Sea Shepherd’s dedicated crew of staff and volunteers work both on land and on the sea to protect precious marine life.

From playful dolphins to tiny krill, majestic humpback whales, cheeky sea lions and beyond; they will not stop until all marine animals are safe from extinction. Visit to see how you can further support their efforts.

Click here to purchase a Deluxe Sample Pack to support Sea Shepherd.

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