All-One Australia Initiative supports Eat Up in 2022

As part of the All-One Australia Initiative in 2022, Dr. Bronner’s donated $8,571 AUD to Eat Up, a non-profit organisation which makes and delivers thousands of lunches a month to schools around Australia. 

With a mission to feed hungry students so they can grow, learn and succeed, Eat Up are working hard to make sure the most vulnerable children in our community don’t go without. They support 650 schools across New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, delivering more than 600,000 lunches each year. To date they have prepared and delivered more than 2 million lunches and although they’ve grown significantly over the last few years, the sad reality is, there is an increasing number of children that are turning up to school hungry, which is why our support is needed. 

Eat Up activates the generous help and lunch-making skills of a dedicated army of volunteers to help achieve their mission. Dr. Bronner’s Australia enjoyed volunteering with Eat Up last year, making more than 1,000 sandwiches in a 2-hour session (read more here). The team is looking forward to lending their hands again soon to help fill some more hungry tummies! If you’re interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with Eat Up, email

To purchase one of Eat Up’s new gorgeous tote bags online, click here. For a limited time, each purchase will receive a free Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap. All proceeds go towards Eat Up and providing free lunches to Aussie kids experiencing food insecurity at home. 

Why did we choose to support Eat Up?

Dr. Bronner’s believes in social justice. We support organisations working for racial justice, gender equity, LGBTQ+ equality, human rights, addressing homelessness and poverty, working for immigration reform, drug policy reform, criminal justice reform, and working for fair trade and fair pay.

To learn more about Eat Up and how you can support them, click here.

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