Kiss the Ground Screening and Panel

To celebrate wrapping up our Heal Earth campaign for 2021, on May 13th Dr. Bronner’s Australia hosted a screening of award-winning climate documentary Kiss the Ground!

This special showing was presented at Melbourne’s Cinema Nova, and also featured our own short film about our Fairtrade and organic mint oil from India, Pavitramenthe.

All proceeds from this event directly funded the Organic and Regenerative Investment Co-operative’s (ORICoop’s) relief effort for biodynamic and regenerative farmers affected by NSW's devastating floods. 

Narrated by Woody Harrelson and featuring Dr Bronner’s CEO David Bronner, Kiss the Ground is a climate documentary that leaves you hopeful for the future. A cast of activists, scientists, farmers and politicians bring into focus the potential of regenerative agriculture to heal our soil, balance our climate, and feed the world!

Our newly appointed brand ambassador Maree Lowes made her first appearance as part of our team, ushering us into a vision of a better future with her deep knowledge of and passion for regenerative agriculture. An earnest panel discussion hosted by Maree Lowes followed the screening, featuring founder and director of ORICoop Carolyn Suggate and soil health advocate Ray Milidoni from Farming Secrets.

With help from the audience we brought the global issues of soil degradation and regeneration back home, exploring what's happening with regenerative and organic farming in Australia right now, and asking ourselves what our next steps should be - together and as individuals.

Regenerative farming practices enable us to produce more food, retain more water, and sequester significant quantities of carbon from the atmosphere. Dr. Bronner’s is proud to work with our suppliers and farmers worldwide - in locations such as Ghana, India, Samoa, and Sri Lanka - to improve the livelihoods of people and communities, while simultaneously regenerating soil.

 A huge thank you to our panelists Ray Milidoni and Carolyn Suggate, and to everyone else who joined us for a night of connecting with what's possible!

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