Introducing Maree Lowes: Dr. Bronner's Australia's First Ambassador!

The Dr. Bronner’s Australia team is thrilled to announce that Maree Lowes is joining us as our first-ever ambassador! 

Passionate about regenerative living and writing a better story for the future, Maree has a BA in Psychology and Indigenous Studies, recently completed her permaculture design certificate, and is currently studying her UN-certified Masters Degree Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development. There is one role however that Maree is best known for - the fictional reality that is dirtgirl, eco-warrior and star of international hit TV shows Dirtgirlworld and Get Grubby TV. Alongside the show’s spinoff series Get Grubby TV, Maree has spread a message of love for the environment to children in 128 countries. 

Maree herself is a changemaker championing sustainability and cultivating optimism in the face of a climate crisis. She’s spent the last decade working with First Nations communities, farmers and families to shine a light on fertile stories that rarely make it onto our screens.

Maree debuted as a Dr. Bronner’s Australia Ambassador at a special screening of climate documentary Kiss the Ground. Here, she hosted a panel that delved into what's happening with regenerative and organic farming in Australia right now, and the potential for these practices to feed the world and heal our planet. Currently, Maree is working on ‘Eat Dirt’, a docuseries that urges Australians to seriously think about where their food comes from.

We’re couldn’t be happier to be walking shoulder to shoulder with Maree as we regenerate Spaceship Earth and work towards a brighter, fairer, sustainable future. Follow Maree and Dr. Bronner’s Australia on Instagram to keep up with future collaborations!

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