Dr. Bronner's Cosmic Principles December 20, 2016 16:47

The vision of Dr Bronner is valued every day and the message is clear; follow the 6 cosmic principles and make socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality, to make a better world.
Here's a fun video (2:17) about our 6 cosmic principles which inform everything we do. Plus you'll see some the Dr. Bronner's family in action!  The beauty is, these principles can be applied by anybody in everyday life - we are All-One!  



As a business our growth can only be considered in relation to what is around us being humans, animals, plants, microscopic life and the Earth. We are responsible for ourselves but also each other, and as we grow, we must grow responsibly.
 Dr. Bronner's Principle Two
Lead with heart, take time and be with the crowds, not above them. We must know our customers. Dr Bronner is the very best for human, home and Earth using no synthetic preservatives or foaming agents, only the purest and organic fair trade ingredients., we do right by our customers and our Earth.
 Dr. Bronner's Principle Three
Be kind, reward generously, support healthy living. Seek and encourage the best in each other. The Dr Bronner’s company would not be able to grow without every single member of the team, so it is only right that we fairly reward and grow together.
 Dr. Bronner's Principle Four
Fair trade means being fair to the people, fair prices, fair working communities and respect for land. We will highlight in depth what Fair Trade is for us in our next blog post, it’s more than you may think!
 Dr. Bronner's Principle Five
What comes from the Earth must go back, so treat the land, people and animals with respect. Be mindful of the Earth’s gifts and do not waste.
 Dr. Bronner's Principle Six
At Dr Bronner’s we believe we truly prosper only when society as a whole prospers. Share profits, share talent, share voice and be an engine for positive change.
Living by these principles we can enrich the world and make positive things happen, and we can inspire friends and family to do the same.