All-One Australia Initiative supports Seed

As part of the All-One Australia Initiative, in 2020 Dr. Bronner’s donated $14,084 AUD to Seed, Australia's first Indigenous Youth Climate Network which is building a movement led by and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to protect our land, culture and communities from the causes and impacts of climate change.

Given the majority of the population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is under the age of 25, it’s critical that we invest in the leadership of First Nations young people now for action on climate justice. By donating to Seed, we’re helping to build up the next generation of First Nations young people leading action in communities across the country. Seed does this by providing platforms for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to take action - like their campaign to ban fracking in the Northern Territory - whilst building their capacity to create change in their communities by equipping them with the skills, confidence, networks and plans through our training and empowerment programs.

Seed is currently being set up as an independent organisation, led entirely by First Nations people, for First Nations people.  Dr. Bronner’s Australia is looking forward to being a part of this journey and continuing our work with Seed over the coming years. 

Why did we choose to support Seed?

Dr. Bronner’s believes in treating the Earth like home. We support organisations working to defend, protect, and preserve the natural world through advocacy, education, and policy change, especially, in support of efforts to mitigate and combat climate change. We also support organisations working for racial justice, human rights and addressing homelessness and poverty.

To learn more about Seed and how you can support them, click here.

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